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June 21, 2012 9:56 pm
Have I ever had “ANY unwanted/undesired physical or sexual contact”?






Earlier in this pregnancy, I filled out my “Initial Health History” form for prenatal and birth care. You know: check the box if you’ve experienced severe headaches, diabetes, all sorts of things. After the usual “Emotional abuse,” “Physical abuse,” “Sexual abuse,” I got to this very interesting item: ”ANY unwanted/undesired physical or sexual contact.”

read the link. so spot on.

[trigger warning LIKE WHOA at the link for rape culture, coercion, molestation, and general unwanted attention]

Because I can hardly stand the thought of these constant erosions of personhood seeming normal to our daughters and sons.


Everyone needs to read this.

I know that the concept of “rape culture” can be really hard to understand if you’re new to it or just not quite sure what it entails. It took me a painfully long time to recognize that a lot of my behaviors — jokes, apologia, defending perpetrators, victim-blaming, &c — were contributing in ways I didn’t have the ability to recognize but did have the ability to change. It’s a constant struggle, too, tbh, because the learned habits of a lifetime are still reinforced by society even as I try to unlearn them.

"Your body is not for you. Your body is for men’s pleasure.

And you are at risk, all the time.”

It pisses me off so badly that I might be sharing too much when I say it happened to me many times - and not so slightly as in the article, actually quite heavily. and it makes me cry just to think of it now and how powerless and weak and exposed to these things we are, just for being women. 

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